This year GodotCon will happen on the 12th and 13th of October in Berlin, Germany.

The event aims to give the community a platform to meet in person, exchange knowledge, form business contacts, and introduce newcomers to the engine ecosystem. It will feature:

Expert tech talks
Workshops for any skill level
Onsite activities
(game jam & more)
Access to meeting system
Purchase official Godot merch
A stylized Godot logo with sunglasses, a heart, a controller and the number 24, arranged in a round sticker

GodotCon is organized by the Godot Foundation and made possible by a dedicated team. Join us on Discord!


The second batch of tickets will be released on Friday the 21st of June, at 23:00 CEST.
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Click the button below to submit your ideas for a main-stage talk, workshop, or to show your game/project on the expo floor!


The conference will be held at

Silent Green,
Gerichtstraße 35,
13347 Berlin, Germany.

Find our venue on OpenStreetMap.


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Who is this conference intended for?

The goal of GodotCon is to provide an opportunity for community members to meet in person, exchange knowledge, form business contacts, and to introduce new people to the Godot project. Therefore it targets no particular skill level nor occupation over another, ideally becoming a melting pot of various user backgrounds. So if you are in any way interested in the Godot Engine, this is the right conference for you!

How do I become a sponsor?

Reach out to [email protected] to discuss what you have in mind!

Will there be catering? Can I bring my own food?

We wanted to keep the ticket costs as low as possible, so while you will be able to purchase snacks, coffee, and bottled soft drinks at the venue, there is no catering included. You are allowed to consume your own food & drink in the outside areas, but not in the building due to venue regulations.

How is the general vibe? Do I need to follow a dress code?

Just like most games industry events, this is a “come as you are” event. Both gaming-related tees and more business-casual-leaning attire are not unheard of. Just make sure to not break any public indecency laws…

I am arriving in town early. Is there any (un-)official pre-programming?

Feel free to plan community meetups on the GodotCon Discord, and keep an eye on the announcement channels for any official activities.

Will there be a place to show our games?

You can find our call for submissions above!


Would you like to bring the next GodotCon to your town? Or join the volunteer team in general? Write us an intro email, telling us a little bit about your background. Looking forward to hearing from you!