GodotCon 4 & 5 November

At GodotCon, we celebrate open source and game development through a series of inspiring talks and workshops. Over two days, learn from experts, share your experiences, and enjoy the company of fellow game developers. Hope to see you there!


Couldn't make it in person? No worries! All our talks are available for on our YouTube channel.

🔗 GodotCon on Youtube


GodotCon conceptual Map


Check the full list of talks and times:

📆 Full Agenda 🔗 GodotCon on Youtube
■ Community talk ■ Workshop (No video available)

Adam Scott - How a C/C++ noob ported DOOM to run in Godot - or how I stopped worrying and learned GDExtension

Clay John - The Future of Rendering in Godot

Fabio Alessandrelli - Introduction to Godot multiplayer and the W4 Cloud

Fernando "Vela" Cosentino - (Simplified) Flight Simulation Library

GP Garcia - Powering Your Godot Game With Steam

George Marques - GDScript: Past, Present, and Future

Gilles Roudière - Mastering the 4.x TileMaps

Ivan Bushmin - Bending wires: deconstruction of Robot Detour's main mechanic

JLS Gangwisch - Volumetric Video in Godot

Jaanus Jaggo - The Making of Abandoned Spaceship Demo Scene

Johannes Ebner - Integrate PlayFab using godot-playfab

Mateo Robayo Rodríguez - Make point n' click games the easy way with Popochiu

Miguel Gonzalez Sanchez - Super-charging content production with Godot addons

Miguel de Icaza - Swift Godot: Fixing the Multi-million dollar mistake

Miskatonic Studio - The journey to Godot 4: what can you expect?

Panagiotis Tsiapkolis - From watercolors to mechs: Stylized rendering and asset pipelines in Godot

Paul Schrum - Godot GIS - We Ain't Playin'

Raffaele Picca - Viewports: An Overview

Sander Vanhove - In-house editor plugins and tooling

Senad Hrnjadovic - Running an indie game dev studio based on Godot: the good, the bad and the ugly.


Microsoft Germany, Walter-Gropius-Str. 5, 80807 München, Germany

🔗 OpenStreetMap 🔗 Google Maps

🛄 From the Airport


There will be train closures on the weekend between the Airport to the City.

Do not use the official replacement services, if you don’t want to be super annoyed and take a lot of time to go to the city

Instead, you may use the Lufthansa Airport Express! It’s the cheapest & fastest and takes you to the venue in ~45 minutes:


Exit at Station: "Munich Schwabing / Nordfriedhof" - which is right next to the Venue!

  1. Bus exit when coming from MUC Airport to the City
  2. Venue
  3. Bus entry when you are leaving on Sunday for the MUC Airport

🚉 From the Central Station


You can use the Airport Bus as well, just in the opposite direction!

If you want to use the (excellent) public transport, you can use the official website to check out travel plans and fares: MVG

There are also official apps: MVG Fahrinfo Munich | Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

🚗 By Car


There is a gravel parking lot, which should be free to use. But since this is a business area, there should be plenty of parking spots available in the area.

Parking Lot Directions: https://maps.app.goo.gl/7inexDDhbCKyzU2Y7





The GodotCon 2023 team

Johannes EbnerEmilio CoppolaJulian MurgiaBen VehlingInácio "inacho" SchwellerRaffaele PiccaKerstin PfaffingerLuis CarliMatteo TietzSenad HrnjadovicSam MurrayVedat Horuk